You Don’t Need to Make Time for Mindfulness – New York Magazine

Making use of positive affirmations when you meditate can help you learn how to respond usefully to demanding situations. Concentrating on a positive affirmation, which can either be a word or phrase that reflects a desired state, can help you gain understanding and cultivate good feelings.

New York MagazineYou Don’t Need to Make Time for MindfulnessNew York MagazineIn November, a studio opened in Lower Manhattan that is devoted to just one thing: mindfulness. It’s called MNDFL, and it has been called (by this magazine, actually) the “SoulCycle for meditating”: You drop in, spend 30 minutes in mindfulness ……You Don’t Need to Make Time for Mindfulness – New York Magazine

Why practice meditation? There are plenty of important reasons to practice meditation. Some of the few advantages of having a regular meditation practice include having reduced blood pressure and symptoms of stress and depression, slowed aging, enhanced immune function and concentration, an increased sense of self awareness and getting a more relaxing sleep.

Experience stress relief and achieve an improved overall wellness by learning meditation and practicing it on a regular basis.


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