You Don’t Need to Make Time for Mindfulness – New York Magazine

More and more companies are encouraging their staff members to practice mindfulness and meditation. These are skills that help create a happier and more efficient labor force. Mindfulness helps improve focus and keeps employees from wasting their energy. It helps them accomplish a clear mind, which allows them to learn how to respond positively to difficult circumstances.

New York MagazineYou Don’t Need to Make Time for MindfulnessNew York MagazineIn November, a studio opened in Lower Manhattan that is devoted to just one thing: mindfulness. It’s called MNDFL, and it has been called (by this magazine, actually) the “SoulCycle for meditating”: You drop in, spend 30 minutes in mindfulness ……You Don’t Need to Make Time for Mindfulness – New York Magazine

Looking for natural ways to help you feel less stressed? Mindfulness meditation has been proven effective in reducing stress. With regular practice, mindfulness meditation has been found to help decrease the production of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Learning mindfulness meditation is well worth your effort and time. This may be the solution that you’ve been trying to find.

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