Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Relief Program Expands – Georgetown University The Hoya

It’s important to understand that making time for relaxation is essential for your overall well being. Stress is known as one of the major reasons for chronic illnesses, such as depression and heart disease. The good news is that there are many different relaxation techniques that are proven effective in reducing stress.

Georgetown University The HoyaMindfulness Meditation, Stress Relief Program ExpandsGeorgetown University The Hoya“[Mindfulness meditation is] focusing on one specific thing intentionally and non-judgmentally in the present moment,” Harazduk said. “One of the main reasons that we’re stressed is we regret the past, or we worry about the future…Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Relief Program Expands – Georgetown University The Hoya

Different individuals may be drawn to meditation for different reasons. Learning meditation and getting into the habit of practicing on a regular basis can be life changing. Many people who practice meditation regularly claim of experiencing mental, physical and psychological benefits. If you’re interested to learn meditation and experience its many health benefits more quickly, it’s best to learn from an experienced teacher.

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