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The best way to learn mindfulness and meditation is with a good teacher and structured training. With the help of an experienced guide to offer you support and answer your questions, learning the process can be easier.

Keep calm and improve your mental healthTheHealthSiteDid you know Indian employees top the ‘most stressed’ list in the world, according to the Asia Pacific edition of the Staying@Work survey? Stress can further lead to other mental disorders like insomnia, depression and feelings of insecurity and …and more »…Keep calm and improve your mental health – TheHealthSite

A growing number of research studies have shown the many health benefits of mindfulness meditation. Because of this, increasingly more individuals are getting interested about learning how to practice this great tool. If you’re interested to learn about mindfulness meditation, you’ve come to the right place.

Practicing meditation regularly helps make it easier for you to keep your mind from wandering. There are different kinds of meditation, one is Walking meditation. Walking meditation involves focusing your mind on the entire experience of walking. Discover more about how to practice this technique by visiting the links below.


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