Napoleon Was a Neuroscientist – ATD (blog)

Mirror meditation is a simple meditation technique that involves checking out your own reflection to help you focus and relax. This gives you the opportunity to express kindness to yourself, by simply concentrating on your reflection and telling yourself some words of encouragement.

Napoleon Was a NeuroscientistATD (blog)However, modern science is now enabling L&D professionals to peek into the brain and explain why certain learning and memory principles work—things like restful sleep, meditation, authenticity, empathy, and so forth. Our experience has been that in ……Napoleon Was a Neuroscientist – ATD (blog)

There are lots of ways to help you start learning how to meditate more easily. As a beginner, it’s natural to get worried about how you can get it right. However, it’s important to bear in mind that in learning meditation, you do not need to worry about getting it right. Instead, focus on releasing your worries and allow yourself to just simply relax.

Stressed out? Give yourself a break. On the links below you’ll discover a powerful relaxation technique called mindfulness meditation.


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