Nov.15th: A Meeting of the Mindful – Huffington Post

What is mindfulness and how can it help business owners? Mindfulness is about paying close attention to an one’s thoughts and feelings in the present moment. It’s about accepting all these in a non-judgmental way. Research shows that being mindful can help protect business owners against bad choices and being consumed with financial success.

Huffington PostNov.15th: A Meeting of the MindfulHuffington PostA momentous meeting of the mindful will take place this Sunday (November 15) when pioneers of the Western meditation and mindfulness movements come together for Living with a Joyful Spirit and a Wise Heart, a day of cele…Nov.15th: A Meeting of the Mindful – Huffington Post

Different individuals may be drawn to meditation for different reasons. Learning meditation and getting into the habit of practicing on a regular basis can be life changing. A lot of people who meditate regularly claim of experiencing mental, physical and psychological benefits. If you’re interested to learn meditation and experience its health benefits more quickly, it’s best to learn from a qualified teacher.

Active meditation allows you to savour the complete experience of moving your body and training your mind to stay focused at the same time. If you’re eager to learn more about other relaxation techniques, feel free to check the sites below.


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