Mindfulness enters corporate mainstream – Boston Globe

Are you getting stressed out about meeting someone whom you find difficult to be around with? Instead of worrying about a future situation, allow yourself to calm down. Bring your focus back to the here and now by practicing simple meditation techniques. This helps you feel less anxious and better prepared. This can even make your meeting a more pleasant experience than you might have prepared for.

Boston GlobeMindfulness enters corporate mainstreamBoston GlobeProfessional sports teams use mindful techniques, and there are even some group meditations on Capitol Hill. In the corporate setting, the mindfulness movement is purportedly about changing the culture so that both employee and employer can better ……Mindfulness enters corporate mainstream – Boston Globe

The secret to experiencing the benefits of mindfulness meditation is to remain consistent. It’s important to make time every single day for you to practice meditation. Realise that it’s only through regular practice that you’ll have the chance to develop your meditation skills. With daily practice, you’ll start to experience a greater sense of peace within you.

Discovered this fantastic sites that discusses about mindfulness and meditation courses for stress reduction.


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